Entertainment of the city of Kyiv

places to visit in kyiv

Did you know that one of the main entertainment of the city of Kyiv is the QuestHouse ?

Many do not know where you can have fun and unusual time with loved ones. Lots of fun, but how to choose the best?
QuestHouse Kyiv offers you an emotional explosion, which you will be delighted.
With the arrival of the weekend, we think where to spend an active and interesting vacation. Distract yourself from routine, household chores and worries, plunge into another world in which you will receive an unreal feeling of extreme, fear and pleasure.
Want to get emotions from mysteries and many mysteries? The Attic Murder Escape room will provide you with this.
Maybe you like extreme and special effects? Everyone’s favorite Escape room “Bank Robbery” will not let you get bored and will take you into the world of action.
Horror fans, the Escape room “Infected area – zombies”. Fear, screams and a surge of emotions, you obviously will not be bored.
Our Escape rooms are interesting in many ways, they will take you to the world of secrets, fear and extreme.
Where you can be a star in your own film .

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