Escape rooms for children in Kyiv

escape room Kyiv

A variety of entertainment for children in Kyiv is everywhere: in shopping centers, entertainment complexes, cafes, restaurants and more. But gradually everything gets boring and you want something new and interesting.

Where can you go with your child in Kyiv?

We bring to your attention an Escape room for children from QuestHouse Kyiv, very fascinating and interesting locations, children in such Escape rooms will never be bored, but on the contrary, it is insanely interesting, especially when there are many secrets and mysteries.
Your child will not only get a lot of pleasure, but also have a great time with you and get unforgettable emotions from exciting Escape rooms.
In our escape rooms for children and adults, the most amazing atmosphere is created.
Spend time with your child in an active and interesting way, solve riddles like Sherlock Holmes and his assistant, there are a lot of secrets that you must solve in 60 minutes, emotions from everything that happens are boiling.
Or would you like the bank robbery better? In which you, as a true criminal, climbed into a huge vault, where there is a lot of money and the most important thing is a large diamond and a lot of gold bars, this is real wealth and adventure, your child will definitely like it.

Our escape rooms in Kyiv will definitely surprise and delight your children;)

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