What are Horror Escape rooms?

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Let’s plunge into the world of Horror and finally understand where they came from and why they are gaining more and more fans among teenagers and adults.
The concept of “Horror Escape rooms” in translation into Russian, the English word “Horror” means “Horror”. Horror is a feeling of uncontrollable fear when the body becomes numb and thoughts rush like a mad hurricane in the head.
You can easily experience this feeling in our Escape room “Infected Zone – Zombies”.
That there is only one interest to test yourself, to see how you will react in the face of growing terror and fear. And at the same time, you can look at your friends, family and go along this path from beginning to end together.
Scary Escape rooms from the Escape room house in Kiev, give a lot of emotion and memories after other pastimes.
Escape room “Infected Zone – Zombies” reveals the most secret corners of the human soul, forcing you to think at the same time.
You literally become the Star of a very scary movie, but will you be able to pass this test?

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