What are the Escape room?

Quest Room Kiev

Escape rooms are very different, with different puzzles, mysteries, action and even horror stories!

Let’s talk about QuestHouse Kyiv. Who can offer the most unique and diverse rooms? Of course, this is the QuestHouse Kyiv.

Want to become a real Sherlock Holmes? Then the Escape room “Murder in the attic” is for you.

In this Escape room you are a detective, you are at the scene of the murder… The killer has disappeared. Do you, as a professional, need to solve the mystery of where he ran away to? Where is his victim? What exactly happened? You need to unravel the room and find all 7 keys to get out. As you search the room, you reveal many secrets left by the killer, plus you have a chance to meet Tony, and a very cool room with very original puzzles.

Or maybe you want to feel like a robber? It’s time to rob a bank, in our unique room “Crazy Bank Robbery”.

This Escape room offers you to rob a bank, so be prepared… You have a partner outside who talks to you on the radio and warns you… A terrific escape room with insane features. After making our way through the tunnels, we get to the main bank, full of lasers, electronic and high-tech puzzles – try to pass this Escape room!

Well, for real horror fans, of course, our favorite Escape room “Infected area – zombies”

This Escape room is very scary with many special effects. Bernard was a virologist who worked on a secret project to create better people, a mistake in the calculation led to the tragic creation of zombies. You need to know how to protect yourself, so never approach them and be prepared for the moment when you meet them. Very awful rooms with very cool puzzles. This room is very scary, a lot of screams and horror, can you handle it?

Well, we’ve figured out the variety of Escape room rooms, and which one to choose is up to you.
QuestHouse Kyiv will allow you to get new sensations for every taste.

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