Where to go in Kyiv?

There has been a lot of entertainment lately, but how to choose the best one?
Why not choose a more interesting and entertaining way to entertain instead of restaurants and cinemas?

The most incredible entertainment is QuestHouse Kyiv, where you can relax and have a lot of fun with interesting and mysterious Escape rooms.
Don’t know where you can have fun with children? Escape rooms are perfect, children and adults will be emotionally delighted by the exciting Escape rooms.

QuestHouse Kyiv – an interesting option for physical and mental activity.
QuestHouse Kyiv has three different rooms with unique locations, unique entertainment for the whole family, friends and colleagues. The fascinating atmosphere will allow you to plunge into the world of mysteries and riddles.
Escape room is an incredible explosion of emotions and unforgettable impressions that you will be absolutely delighted with.

What is a ” QuestHouse Kyiv”?
These are rooms with different Escape rooms for time and interesting puzzles in which you are the main character.
Themed Escape rooms for every taste, complete immersion in the atmosphere and amazing sensations.

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