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QuestHouse Kyiv–  The Best Escape Room Kiev 

The only ENGLISH speaking Escape rooms in Kiev

The Most Exciting Escape rooms in Kiev of your choice: come to have fun at the heart of Kyiv.

We have the most interesting Escape rooms ever built in Ukraine ,and we conduct all of them in English! Most of our guests do more than one room after solving the first escape room.

It’s crazy atmosphere and emotions is something unique to our place ,which you will not find elsewhere in Kiev. We are definitely the best show in town, visit us in Belokur 10 , Kyiv .

Escape Room kiev

Why we are the best ?? Very simple, We Are the real Thing! ,What you see is what you get ! and much more…. ,as in other local websites you just click on mostly non real photos – (photoshoped versions with models),all the photos in our website are original from our escape rooms and not idealized ads like you see in other websites.

Escape Room kiev
Escape Rooms Kiev

How it works

escape room kiev

QuestHouse Kyiv,

The most Exciting Experience in Kyiv

Escape room is a theme you are choosing. Where you act like a movie-Star in your own Movie . solve riddles and follow hints until you manage to get out .

We have opened a Hi-tech entertaining complex ,here in the Heart of Kiev near the Mother of Nation Statue.

In QuestHouse you will find: Very interesting Escape rooms, the best of their kind. Inside the Escape rooms you will find many mysteries that will leave you remarkable memories long after for years to come .

Our staff speaks fluent English and will accompany you throughout the game and advise you if you get confused.

QuestHouse kiev  is entertainment not only for friends, date partners and also for family, work colleagues. The tension to finish in time ,the extra brain work to solve the Riddles ,you can get these incredible emotions only here, in our Escape rooms Kiev in Belokur 10 Kiev.

Choose one of our top 3 Escape rooms: 

If you prefer extreme and action, then you definitely need to go through the

“Infected Zone”  Escape room.( Scary!! Zombies!, But really fun + cool unique Riddles).

For fans of detective stories, investigations and riddles, then the Escape room

“Murder in the Attic” is  for you.

If you like crazy action and special effects, than you need to chose escape room

“Crazy Bank Robbery” will definitely not leave you indifferent since it is designed like a real bank with everything you can imagine ( lasers , special effects and much more ).

 The goal for all rooms is the same, Escape it in 60 minutes! .Can you do it ?? 

 Book a room now and see you in Belokur 10 Kiev.

Escape Room kiev

From 1 to 4 players

Complete the quest, both independently and by up to 4 players.

60 minutes

Up to 60 minutes of complete immersion in another reality with acting.

Feel the atmosphere

Rooms built to create a real experience with fun atmosphere and attention to detail. Eescape room kyiv
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In the modern realities of telephone applications and computer games, one wants more and more real emotions. It is not surprising that many people choose realistic escape rooms in Kiev. After all, this is an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of adventure, puzzles, secrets in a room thought out to every detail. This is a kind of quest portal in time and space, which allows you to escape from the current reality to a completely different time and place.

QUESTHOUSE invites everyone to take a step into the portal and try to unravel all its secrets. To do this, you need to find the right solutions to riddles, correctly analyze all situations, show dexterity and ingenuity. To make it easier to understand the specifics of the portals, we have compiled several rules that will help players get the most out of their emotions.

• To achieve their goal, players must find clues in the room, follow their instructions, find the correct solutions to all puzzles. • The amount of time is limited. Therefore, we need to act here and now. The countdown in each new universe can go differently, so you should be prepared for all the surprises. • You can leave the room only if you make team efforts. For those who love emotions, puzzles, new stories and secrets, this is the best form of entertainment. • Do not take mobile phones, calculators or other computing devices with you. They will not help you in any way, but they will create a great risk of making irreversible changes in reality. • Players will not need any additional items. Everything they need is already in the universe, where they will go. • The team will always be under the supervision of operators who can direct them on the right path if necessary. One entry into the quest room is prohibited by the rules of use. After all, no one knows what awaits in that fictional reality. The permissible number of people who can step over the line of the portal is negotiated in advance.

What awaits you in the Escape rooms from QUESTHOUSE? The Escape room provides an opportunity to explore another alternate reality. Whichever reality you choose, there will be secrets ahead, new stories and an atmosphere of suspense. Each escape room from QUESTHOUSE is a kind of technical laboratory, the activity of which allows you to create cuts in space and time, teleporting to a fictional reality. The open portal works in one direction - to return home you need to solve a series of riddles and find all the hidden clues. That is why players have to find clues and unravel linear, not childish puzzles in order to return home.

Why are QUESTHOUSE escape rooms the best?

our Rooms in QUESTHOUSE is a new and modern play space that brings conceptual play scenarios to life. The games offered are included in the TOP rating of the most popular games.

Regardless of what reality the players find themselves in - based on a movie or in an independent story, the sound and visual accompaniment is worked out to the smallest detail. This makes it possible to fully plunge into the atmospheric history. Both a child and an adult can play the Escape room. This is truly a new word in the entertainment industry.


Отличное место 👍 Интересные квесты и качественное обслуживание. Загадки классные. Несколько раз уже были тут 👌
Даже не думал что это будет так интересно и увлекательно!Очень понравилось!Отличное место для получение эмоций на весь день!Рекомендую!
Квесты отличные 👍 Отдыхали с друзьями пару дней назад. Всё очень реально и интересно. Комната с зомби просто улёт 🤓
Я был в Зомби комнате со своей девушкой. Мне друг посоветовал именно эту квест комнату. Зомби комната реально крутая. Оказывается здесь весь персонал свободно говорит на английском. Моей девушке было страшно, а мне понравилась атмосфера
Не хотел посещать ни каких квест румов и прочих мероприятий, не по мне это всё. Но меня можно сказать силой затащили коллеги. И я не пожалел, а даже наоборот. Отлично провели время! Для меня это был новый опыт и новые эмоции, очень понравилось!
Сначала я скептически отнеслась к посещению этого мероприятия. Но уже через 10 минут втягиваешься в игру и увлекаешься происходящим. Если вам не хватает эмоций и вы хотите весело провести время - вам сюда! Воспоминаний хватит надолго)))
Если не знаете, куда сходить на небольшой корпоративчик- вот отличное место! Сколько было восторгов и воплей! Это надо было видеть! Рекомендую.

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